There are no prerequisite to this guide as such. However, the more information we have about how the body works in general and the more in sync we are with our body, the more benefit we will gain from these lessons.

To begin with, it’s helpful to be familiar with a few baseline ideas, which are the importance of an organized the spine and ribcage, breathing mechanics, and foot contact, or grounding. You can learn about them all in the Basic Principles guide. Any exercise that we discuss in the future will be built on these principles, which altogether make the starting position of any movement – something that we like to consider and call – neutral.

It is also important that we have some level of body awareness and connection with our body as it makes it easier to know whether we are doing what we think we are doing or not. An overactive nervous system, bad breathing habits or a poor bedtime routine can have a very negative effect on our practice and performance outcome, but so does poor footwear. Because of this, it is highly profitable to check out the Fundamental Habits guide, which helps to develop and increase a degree of self awareness and provide access to necessary information.T

The two resources mentioned together serve as a good foundation to the rest of this program. It can be as difficult to accept that – as simple as it is – the shoes we wear walking up to a bench to do a lie down exercise on them can affect our capacity to perform and the outcome of the movement just as badly as not knowing what we need to do in the first place does.