WARRIOR. The playground. Where the soul, inner child and imagination can get free. At this point you already can move amazingly well, you are conscious of your body, you can keep your tissues healthy and if you made it this far, you probably don’t say no to a challenge either. So here is your chance.

There are many movements in the world of fitness that – although – can be beneficial but require a very high level of skill set, so one can probably lose more than win by doing them. I’m talking about butterfly pull ups, handstand walks, backflip burpees, extreme yoga poses and so on. These movements all look amazing and depend upon an enormous level of strength, capabilities and uncountable hours of practice, still, we have to ask a question if we really need these exercises to live healthily.

There is a time and place or everything, so if your sport requires you to do these exercises, so be it. For sure though, you will only be able to execute these movements safely and efficiently if you are fully aware of everything from the previous three series.


[coming soon] · Butterfly Pull Up

[coming soon] · Handstand Push Up

[coming soon] · Dips