In any development, having a structured program to follow is highly beneficial. Programs are the collection of precisely calculated instructions to improve performance in all necessary skills towards a specific goal. They prepare the practitioner and their body for the desired outcome.

Special goals require special attention in the form of structured routines. It’s necessary to understand that to gain the most benefits of any prescribed program we have to be able to do what the program tells us to do. For example, if the goal is to improve our one rep max squat, we need to make sure we know what a squat is and we know how to squat first. That’s why the paths, the move series, and this whole academy exist. Paths are the way to make sure you won’t get hurt during the journey.

If we just keep increasing the weight that we use in an exercise by logic we are becoming stronger. But for the most optimal gains, we need to do the most optimal work, because peak performance is a bit more complicated than just increasing the weight. Every movement is a combination of the stabilization of some parts of the body while creating movements in a number of joints across the system. Our body doesn’t know weights but it knows how much effort it takes to perform a reputation and it has a response to that stimulus. And lastly, our mind’s idea of what position we are in) about what we are doing  (proprioception) is often different from the position we should be in – and we need to know the difference.

Any programs we have in the academy start with a list of pre-requisites. In our beliefs, that’s the way forward. We can’t just jump into a 16week marathon running program if we never ran before and can’t even jog, let alone walk without knee pain. At first sight, it might seem like we have an overwhelming amount of information ahead of us to learn, but once we know how to move, following a training program becomes easy. And not only that but anything that we learn while practicing a specific drill will relate to and improve another movement and everyday behavior. And so not only following a program become easy but our whole life will be a lot easier too.