Online Course

The way we live in modern society slowly but surely makes us forget about our human potential. We spend most of our days sitting down at work just so that after office hours we can sit in a bar before snuggling up on the couch before going to bed. We often say no to activities because we can’t do something, and we accept that. We drink coffee and energy drinks to keep us awake, yet we do nothing that is tiring at all. We are not aware of our breath, struggle to focus, to control our thoughts and our feet and hands are cold even in summer. Luckily, sleep is still there for us, but is often disrupted by snoring, dry mouth, or a screaming alarm clock that just makes us feel miserable even before the day truly begins.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t think this is cool. As a kid, moving isn’t a problem. The feet are wide, balanced and free to move, so stepping on a lego or walking barefoot doesn’t make us scream. Breathing works in perfect harmony with all other bodily systems. The nervous system is more relaxed so playing with a simple rock is a long-lasting fun thing to do, but even if it becomes boring, climbing a tree surely will be fun again. Even in a T-shirt and shorts. In snow. Barefoot.

So, the question is, when and how do we get to the point from the young human with full of potential to end up being the one that can’t focus on one thing for 30 seconds or stand up without something hurting? Who is to blame? Can we actually go BACK and become those better HUMANS again?

I think we do, and here is a course to offer many ideas that will lead you back on the path.

The short and simple lessons are easy to follow on any level and teach about:

– guided breathwork practice
– functional breathing (theory, drills, practices)

Cold exposure
– cold shower & ice bath benefits
– home setups and practices

Joint health
– foot and toes (mechanics, tissue health, mobility, control and footwear selection)
– hips (mechanics, movement practices)
– shoulders (mechanics, improved range of motion)

Work station and office environment
– desk setup
– how to sit corrrectly
– positions to work in

Resting habits
– how to rest better
– 10min squat test

Sleep and bedtime habits
– what to do before going to bed (light exposure, mindfulness, mouth taping, etc.)
– sleeping positions
– body rhytm
– morning routine

This is not a gym program and it requires no specific equipment. However, having a few bits at home would make the practice more comfortable:

– yoga mat

– any small massage ball (lacrosse, tennis, golf, spiky, etc.)

– pull up bar


It is recommended to have a few other little props and you can find links at the bottom of each lesson to these items. In general, they are:

– toe spacers

– mouth tape or 3M tape

– inflatable balloon

How long does it take to finish the course?
The main part consists of around 60min reading materials and 90min in videos. However, each topic has extra resources with books, podcasts and other video recommendations, which adds multiple hours for those who want to learn more about them.

Is there a time limit to finish the course?
There is no time limit to complete this course. Although it is recommended to practice all the topics simultaneously, independently they are all also very beneficial.

Can anybody sign up?
Yes. This program introduces ideas that can improve anyone’s fundamental habits and have a positive impact on many levels. My grandmother and a professional athlete would both benefit from improved breathing habits and better foot mechanics.