Online Program

Welcome to our comprehensive online program consisting of 30-minute follow-along videos that aim to enhance your tissue health, joint mobility, breathing mechanics, body awareness, and overall sense of well-being. This collection is designed to help you feel lighter, more relaxed, and ready to take on life without physical limitations or discomfort.

Our program is suitable for everyone as it requires minimal to no equipment. While a yoga mat, foam roller, and massage ball are recommended, a simple household item such as a wine bottle, broomstick, or pillow can also be used. Even without equipment, you can still practice the stretching positions and breathing techniques taught in our videos. It is also easily scaleable so everyone can adjust the difficulty to their current level.

In addition to improving tissue health and mobility, our program also emphasizes the importance of body awareness and mindfulness. The concepts learned in our lessons can be applied not only to everyday activities but to weight training or a yoga practice also as they can enhance your performance and deepen your understanding of the movements. Through the 15 hours of video lessons, you will gain a better understanding of why stiffness occurs, the benefits of holding positions for a specific duration, how to feel the stretch better, and the significance of breathing, relaxation, and awareness in any kind of bodily work.

Collectively the videos cover the whole body but each of them focuses on a particular area or approach. Some of the more common ideas group around the areas such as:
– spine
– neck, traps, shoulder, arms
– lower back, hips
– legs, foot

All classes follow a similar structure:
– a 10 minute soft tissue work (self-massage, trigger point release, gliding surface restoration, etc.)
– a 15-18 minute stretch routine (a combination of passive and active stretch positions)
– 2-5min breathwork (box breathing, alternate nostril breathing, left/right side breathing, nervous system downregulation, etc.)

This is not a gym program and it requires no specific equipment. However, having a few bits at home would make the practice more comfortable:

– yoga mat

– any small massage ball (lacrosse, tennis, golf, spiky, etc.)

– foam roller or equivalent

– dowel, broomstick or equivalent

– toe spacers

– rubber band, straps, small towel

Can anybody sign up?
Yes. This program introduces ideas that can improve anyone’s fundamental habits and have a positive impact on many levels. My grandmother and a professional athlete would both benefit from improved breathing habits, better body awareness and increased mobility and flexibility.

How long is a class?
The original length is around 30minutes but the videos are bookmarked so it’s easy to navigate between the soft tissue work, stretching and breathing practices.